Organic raw milk cheeses

Pictures say more than thousands words. Unfortunately they cannot tell you the taste and the smell of theese cheeses. It’s better, though. So you come and visit us.

Our raw milk cheeses are organic certified like our whole farm. We use only our own Red & White cows’ milk. Their main ingredient is TIME.

Why raw milk? Because high temperatures distroy all milk microelements which are very important for our health.

Why our own milk bacteria? Because we do not use standardized milk enzymes but we want to give our cheeses our own taste. This procedure needs of course more attention by the cheesemaker and avoids a product standardization. We make cheeses that taste like herbs and hay we give our cows to eat. Some of them are mole delicate, others have a stronger taste. Our products are intended for people who look for exclusive and sometimes forgotten tastes, non standardized productions. We think that our cheeses help our body’s nutrition.

Where can you find our cheeses? At our farm shop in Cormons, Gorizia, Italy and also in the best delicatesse shops, restaurants or wineries.

Contact us for more information.

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